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DawaMandi is one such model which will change the way medicines are stored and delivered to the retailer at his doorstep.

Tie up with multiple brands, state of the art temperature controlled storage facilities, real time access to end user inventories and use of data analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver the customer’s needs on time, every time, with maximum fill rates for each order, is the USP of this unique one of a kind venture, started in Lucknow and in the process of scaling up to touch other cities and states.

Real time data of movement of medicines by location and category would be accessible by the pharmaceutical company/C&F offices, with backend integration to our ERP software with secure login access, which will enhance the efficiency of supply at both ends besides filling the gaps, where ever they exist.

Key Strategies


  • A User friendly product with easy interfaces
  • Interface on multiple devices
  • Differentiated experience and retailer analytics to drive loyalty and growth


  • Highly automated, dashboard based interventions
  • Integrated call center for B2B Queries / Online
  • Develop a database team to keep database updated and integrate all operations


  • Target Pharmaceutical retailers in and around Lucknow, the state and Pan India, in the near future.
  • B2B sales
  • Customer acquisition through cash backs, deals and offers.
  • Order Capturing through our Sales Representatives.


  • To have a well funded entity.
  • Customer acquisition with profitability to drive financial strategy
  • Bottom line focus

What will change

The temperature controlled storage will ensure good quality, fully effective medicines to be delivered to the retailer.

Medicines meant for practicing medical professionals, doctors, other than retailers, will also now be delivered on time, to ensure sufficient stocks always. This was otherwise being addressed by Medical Representatives, who can now focus on addressing real issues of market expansion and improvement of sales.

The retailer will now, not be short on stock or have to waste time visiting

multiple wholesalers, where guarantee of getting his full requirement was not 100%.

The issue of mismatch of batch numbers of medicines, will be totally eliminated due to the digitized and modern method of warehousing, distribution and supply.

DawaMandi.com Making Procurement a pleasurable experience and at the same time increasing profitability and business volumes of the retailer

  • Technology

  • Ease of operation

  • Efficient Delivery

For the Retailer Peace of Mind / Work life balance / Competitive Pricing / Higher Profitability