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Who we are

New Innovative B2B Tech model for Drug Distribution

Our business model, as explained, is the future of drug distribution and this will actually mean, a lesser number of distributors, with a larger market spread, more data mining and analysis and a more efficient and transparent approach to doing the same thing.

In today’s day and age of disruptive and scalable business models, ours is an innovative and unique Tech based drug Distribution Company which we have launched in Lucknow and which model will be scaled up across Drug Distribution hubs in the State of Uttar Pradesh and pan India, going forward..

The Concept

Uttar Pradesh represents a substantial part of drug sales in the country with a 22% share and Lucknow takes up a large part of the same. The current multi-tier, distribution model, comprises Drug Companies/C&F, Distributors and Wholesalers, Retailers and e-Commerce players. Our profile is that of a Mega Wholesaler/Distributor/Stockist of major leading Pharmaceutical Company brands of the country.


At your doorstep

You are well aware of the current condition of wholesale medicine distribution in Lucknow and other cities across the state and even pan India and how inadequately and poorly, the needs of the retailer are addressed. We have changed all of that, through a state of the art, technology controlled warehouse and distribution centre of 20000 sq. ft. which ensures a world class temperature controlled environment for medicines and injectibles..

Our Team

The promoter team comprises of seasoned successful entrepreneurs with a background of Information Technology, Pharma supply chain, Manufacturing & Exports, with a combined experience of 150 years.

  • Our Vision

    The Vision of the project is to completely digitize the drug distribution process and multiply volumes for you, as a manufacturing company, to ensure efficient and timely distribution of drugs at the retail counters, besides focusing on the ease of doing business for all stakeholders.

  • Our Mission

    The Mission is to ensure that good quality drugs reach the end user in time, thereby making India healthier and free from the effect of shortage of, or poorly stored drugs.

The Future.

Since the project is now on stream in Lucknow, we propose to scale up this model across the drug distribution hubs in the State and thereafter pan India.

We welcome a visit from your representative and a meeting at our site, so that we can explain the model in detail and address your queries if any, on this new innovative and unique business model, and look forward to associating and joining hands with your esteemed brand, for a mutually beneficial, long term relationship.